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The Continued Rise in Demand for Clear Label And “Free From” – How Andina Together With Our Partner, Hydrosol, Can Help

Consumer interest in the origin and quality of their food continues to rise.  So too does their pre-occupation with “free-from” products.  With this, comes the increased scrutiny of nutritional and food ingredients labels.  In their overarching demand for simplicity and “back to basics” consumers favour fewer ingredients, and ingredients that are somehow familiar to them. …

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How Andina Ingredients, Together With Our Global Partner Hydrosol, Can Help Food Manufacturers Tap Into Key Market Trends

In mid-March, Andina’s Managing Director, Bruce Phillips, together with our New Business Development Manager, David Church, and our Sales/Technical Adviser, Ian Tregaskis, traveled to the Hydrosol Sales Network Meeting 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. Here, they attended a number of cutting edge presentations from both internal and external speakers including a talk from Lu Ann Williams,…

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NORELAC – Aqueous Shellac Solution With Enteric Coating Function

New to NOREVO’s portfolio of specialty ingredients – NORELAC – a ready-to-use, aqueous shellac solution ensuring the targeted release of the active substances in a.m. products.

NORELAC acts as an enteric coating solution for products in the following segments:
•Micronutrition Diet or nutrition supplements
•Phyto-medicinal products

The usual dosage forms of these products are soft gels, compound tablets, hard-shell capsules and pellets.

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Liquorice Extract For OTC Pharmaceuticals And Cosmetics

Liquorice Extract is the natural, concentrated juice obtained by water and steam extraction from liquorice roots (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.).  Liquorice Extract is a foodstuff which is widely used as an ingredient for its aromatic, sweetening and debittering properties.  Besides applications in food and animal nutrition products, Liquorice Extract and/or some of its components, are used…

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